Casual Button V Neck Cardigan

Casual Button V Neck Cardigan

This set includes: Kraus right knit DROPS collar and tie in "Polaris". ~ DROPS Design

ByHjorthSisters: Free Recipe: Knitted Santa Claus Suspension (Dansk / English / Deutsch)

knit on needle 5 – Google Search

This recipe is in Danish. September Sweater is knitted from top to bottom in patent knit. First knit the back, knit stitches up to the neck and knit back and forth on the needle with cutouts on each side. Then knit stitches up to the shoulders, which are knitted separately and then gathered in front of the front piece. Under the armhole, the back piece and the front piece meet to form the body, which is knit around a circular needle. Then knit stitches up to sleeves, which are knit around with …

Knitted DROPS cap and collar shell from "Big Delight" in two-color patent. ~ DROPS Design


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