Elastic hinge closure

Convenient option for those who tightly knit. Well suited for closing gum, neck sweater and especially for socks ūüíĚ #knitted #knitlife #knitting #knittersofig


New Twist is worked in a really easy way, just change needles to shape it and work a raglan decrease.Pickles Merino Worsted and Pickles Silk Mohair makes up one of our favorite blends of yarn. The merino is unbelievably soft and the Sill Mohair makes a layer outside of it to protect the fibers from pilling and add a little soft fuzz.  New beginner / Easy / Knittet bottom-up with a raglan decrease.

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Et superenkelt sett med mest rette, og noen vrange masker. Lua er strikket med en teknikk som ser litt ut som patentstrikk. Absolutt aŐä anbefale som tv-strikket√ły!Nybegynner / Skjerfet strikkes fram og tilbake i rillestrikk (rette masker). Lua strikkes nedenfra og opp med rette og vrange masker i et enkelt men i√łynefallende m√łnster.

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FRESH: Line Langmo forteller til MinMote at det er veldig enkelt å strikke genseren, selv om man er nybegynner. Foto:

Love this pretty Butterfly Knitting Pattern with Easy Free Pattern Video Tutorial by Studio Knit. #StudioKnit #knittingpattern #knitshape #butterfly


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