Icelandic Bind Off – Step by Step

Beautiful Stretchy Bind Off – Icelandic Bind Off – Step by Step | 10 rows a day #knitting #knittingbasics #knittinginstructions #knittingtutorials

Strikkepiken – Hvordan strikke striper rounds, uten få hakk i begynnelse og slutten av omgangs?

Knit together

2 "konglemasker" strictly etter hverandre, og da ser det slik ut

Anytime, all over the world, no more technology. Narrow he et favorittelement og da må jo briefhull væ …

These knitting instructions are in German. The contrast sweater is knitted in one piece from top to bottom. Finally, the cuff edge on the neck is folded in and sewn – this is the only seam that needs to be sewn on the sweater, apart from the loose ends. For the neckline shortened R

Ingen Dikkedarer – og en genial elastisk aflukning – FiftyFabulous

Ravelry: Newsprint Cowl pattern by Purl Soho


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