Telemark / DROPS 179-9 – Free knitting patterns by DROPS Design

Free knitting instructions

Winter Knitted Hat Free Pattern – Knitted Hat Free Patterns #knittingmodelideas #pattern #patterns #strickmütze #

Pink Petals Hat – Knitted hat for babies with leaf pattern and ridges in DROPS Baby Merino. Size 0-24 months. – Free pattern by DROPS Design

Family Bunny Slippers Free Knitting Pattern #knittedbunnyslippers

This kind of push scarves has been around for a long time. Spiced up with various animal motifs, they are an absolute eye-catcher and are also often worn by small mufflers. The crocheting of the scarf and the applications are described in detail u

Baby sweater Children sweater www.petitknitting …

[Der Beitrag enthält Werbung, da ich die Herkunft des verwendeten Musters und Materials nenne.]I like these little beans, that's what I call the pattern. It looks like small coffee beans and works

Learn to knit for beginners: simple step-by-step instructions

Step 2 IMG_0664

LOTILDA is a German knitting blog. Here you will find free knitting instructions and more about knitting.


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