TUTORIAL: Woven Shell Crochet Stitch — Emmy + LIEN

This step-by-step photo tutorial shows you how to work the “Woven Shell” crochet stitch. This stitch is much easier than it looks, and creates a beautiful, cable-like texture. It’s a must-try for any crochet fan!

6 free stitch pattern that use Knit 1 Under Loose Strands technique. Easy to do and look beautiful!

Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Sewn Bind Off – YouTube Очень простое закрытие резинки 2*2 иглой

Shell Waves Stitch Pattern, My Crafts and DIY Projects

How to Cast On Using the Crochet Cast-on Method (for left-handed knitters)…

Steek with Knit Facing | Purl Soho

The Channel Island cast-on pairs beautifully with k1, p1 ribbing or garter stitch. Stretchy yet firm. Used on hems of fisherman sweaters.

Illusion knit

Miss Elliot Shawl by Paulina Popiolek – all of this designer’s patterns are stunning. Worth a look on Ravelry.


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